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1: Walt Mossberg obliquely references my film festival in his column tomorrow. Interesting that he knows who we are… http://solution.allthingsd.com/20070919/directions-are-a-cellphone-call-away/

2: A few pics from the road this past week. First, a blurry long-distance pic of the emergency communication system on Metro. You probably can’t see it, so I’ll clue you in on what made me take the picture.

At the top of this emergency system is an arrow pointing up to a red button, with the legend “EMERGENCY ONLY PUSH TO TALK.” Under that is a SECOND call button with arrows pointing to it. I have no idea which one to press.

3: On the last page of the inflight magazine on United Flight 241 from Dulles to San Jose, I found this message.

I’m not entirely sure how the writer expected to make this hook up request work, but I can only assume that he didn’t find the action he was looking for at the airport bathroom. He should have tried Minneapolis instead of Dulles.

4: After a week of having my picture taken by DC Shorts paparazzi that made me look like a beached whale, I was pleased that this little snapshot with my phone looks so good.

5: This is the sort of typical inconsiderate DC behavior that made me want to leave. And I saw this same phenomenon about 5 times over the weekend, asses parking illegally over wheelchair ramps everywhere.

6: I had a blast seeing my graphics projected on a big old movie screen in high def. Woo hoo!

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