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Let’s waterboard Congress

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I …
Dubya and his cabal are laughing their asses off, having carefully created a world where they can do anything at all with no oversight, with impunity, with no checks on their power.
We ushered in a new Congress with the intent that they would be different from the rubber-stamping Republican machine, that they would serve as a counterbalance against the Bush administration, that they would — and perhaps this was too much to expect — have freakin’ guts.
Every day that the Democrats waffle and compromise and prove too gutless to stand up to Bush and his hangers on moves me farther and farther away from them. It is long past time that we abolished this ridiculous two-party system. WAY past time. It’s just become a farce, a drama with the two sides locked in a never-ending opera wherein they pretend to be foes but in fact are both determined to keep things moving around in a circle, a cycle of money and power with no end.
Oh, and welcome the new attorney general, same as the old attorney general.

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  • There is a special spot in hell awaiting our dear Senator Dianne Feinstein, who’s apparently trying to be Joe Lieberman with tits. Just when even Republicans are running from this president, leave it to DiFi to cave into him. She’s a traitor to the party and she needs to be sent packing.

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