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The Campaign of the Past

It seems that every Republican candidate is running on a platform of the past — nothing about what they’d do in the future (other than drag us farther into the past) but instead, all about people or events we should have moved on from.
At every opportunity, Rudy Giuliani utters that magic phrase, “September 11.” It is an incredible talent, this ability to work it into almost any sentence. In fact, this one is brilliant:

Rudy Giuliani, asked by NBC’s Brian Williams for his “personal feelings” on Hillary Clinton: ” I know Hillary Clinton. I got to know her the best during September 11th. I almost ran against her, got prostate cancer, couldn’t. Didn’t really get to know her until September 11.”

I think Rudy should have “September 11” tattooed on his forehead. You know, to save time. He could certainly spin it as a “memorial.”
Another blast from the past: Pat Robertson. He’s now endorsed Giuliani. My first question upon reading this news was Is Pat Robertson still alive? God hasn’t taken him home yet?? and my second was Who the hell cares? Who is next to endorse a Republican? Who will get that much sought after endorsement from Creflo Dollar or Ernest Angley?
It seems that the Republicans haven’t learned any lessons, which is appropriate for a bunch of dinosaurs who yearn for an era long dead. They are all tripping over each other trying to curry favor with die-hard ultra-right wingers, each claiming to be more conservative, more fundamentalist Christian, more hard-assed than the last. They all covet a voting bloc that is either diminishing or more wary of them than ever before. Not one of them is concentrating on any generation that was born since 1950.
Now, it’s not that the Dems are doing much on this front either. They are also running to the right, in the midst of a voter revolt against the right. I mean, not only are they not leading, they’re running in the opposite direction!

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