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It’s well known by now that I am not a fan of religion, especially the ultra-organized, ultra-fundamentalist, fanatic type. And here’s one more reason why.
Today the House passed the ENDA anti-discrimination legislation (although without protections for the transgendered). The White House wasted no time in declaring that Bush would veto it (surprise!) because:

the proposal could trample religious rights.


Republicans, meanwhile, said the bill could undermine the rights of people who oppose homosexuality for religious reasons

In other words: if it is part of your “religion,” you are encouraged to discriminate against anyone you disagree with, don’t like, or find too different.
If my religion (and what exactly is the government’s definition of religion?) tells me that I should hate anyone with blue eyes… if my church leader declares that left-handed people are sinful… if I decide to start a church that believes all people over the age of 40 should be discriminated against…
well, will the Republicans stand with me in the name of religion?
Or is it just easier to demonize the fags?

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