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I received this comment today on my last entry; but I can’t quite figure out: a) which entry he really wanted to comment on, since I can’t find any mention of Ken Jennings in the database; b) what his real argument is because it is so very well constructed; and c) how much he’s paid by Ken Jennings to defend him with such an intelligent and grammatically correct screed. Never let it be said that I censor comments; that would be antithetical to my civil liberties bent. In fact, just approving the comment wouldn’t be enough, so I present it here in all its glory, where you are welcome to comment on the comment itself. I have no further comment on it, myself, but feel free.

It wouldn’t let me comment on your response about Ken Jennings so I’m doing it here. “He shouldn’t be alloted to more than his 15 minutes of fame” It just shows how retarded you are and the lack of common sense you have. He had alot more than 15 minutes of fame. How many episodes of Jeopardy did he win and then got his revenge on Brad in whatever the name of the show was where all the game show champions attended. Excuse me for the name escaping me right now and I’m not gonna look it up. Anyway Ken Jennings destroyed the competition and Jeopardy so that is why people listen to what he says. That makes him alot smarter than your stupid ass, so why should people listen to you.. a retarded moron who has to make his own website to try to make himself look important but, really just an insignificant piece of crap. Don’t be jealous of Ken.

Ryan Lang, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address),


  • Hummm…. I find it ironic that someone who would go to such detail on the defense of Ken f**king Jennings would call someone ELSE an insignificant piece of crap.
    I actually had to think about it for a second to remember who Ken Jennings even was.
    Yup, Gandhi, MLK, Ken Jennings. Perhaps a dissertation is in order.
    The thing I wonder about the most is this- When Ryan Lang goes on his imaginary dates- does he wow his partner with his extensive knowledge of Ken Jennings?
    “Yes Alex, I’ll take I’m a complete tool for $1000.”

  • As a former English major, my main complaint with this commenter is his abominable abuse of sentence structure and grammatical errors. His inept writing style makes his comments unimportant. Hey, Ryan– go back to school, dude.

  • Ryan, it’s just an expression.

    13, 14, 15, whatever … and btw Ken probably wouldn’t approve of your calling someone or their comments “retarded.” He seems like a more pleasant guy than that.

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