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I said I wouldn’t write ‘til I got work

I suppose I can officially make this “announcement” since I’ve signed papers: I’m returning to work as a designer, effective next week. My “temporary” job as a spam analyst was a little longer than I’d expected, so I’m very happy and excited to be going back to my preferred career.
It also means, hopefully, that my angst about my financial situation and my house will soon be over. Looks like I will be able to keep my home, stay in San Jose, and stop fretting about whether or not I should move back to DC.


  • Cool, congratulations! I’m glad you get to stay in your cute house. You were a spam analyst? Yikes. So can you tellus where you are working?


  • I don’t like to talk about specifics like where I work, etc. — not just because it isn’t fair to my employers, but also because I once was stalked by some guy outside my place of employment. He staked out the front of the building, sent me lots of flowers, and a rather rambling, long letter. Along with a picture of him in a cape. Seriously.

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