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It’s the planet’s time of the month

I’ve espoused my earthquake theory before — that notable earthquakes always happen in the middle of the month — and April was no exception.
The earthquake that hit Southern Illinois this morning was a 5.2, not quite as strong as the one that hit in October only a few miles from my house here in San Jose; but it was felt over a wide area (as far as Florida) by people who don’t ordinarily expect to be jolted out of bed.
Now I’ll have at least 2 relatives who understand why I was so — well, shaken — by the 5.6 earthquake in October. As I told my cousin Kirk in Southern Illinois, he’ll now enjoy the game of “feel a vibration, run to the USGS website.”
And the middle-of-the-month theory? Today’s the 18th. April 18th. The 102nd anniversary of the Great San Francisco Earthquake.

[Update, April 19: Oh, and we had three earthquakes here in San Jose yesterday as well. Ranging from 2.6 to 1.2, they weren’t even worth mentioning.]

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