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The Tyranny of Judge Walker

Oh, that biased and tyrannical Judge Walker.

Oh, that biased and tyrannical Judge Walker.

First, he denied a Prop 8 injunction that would have immediately allowed same-sex marriage to continue in California. He decided that the defenders of Proposition 8 should be heard. Biased!

Despite finding that Prop 8 was unconstitutional, Judge Walker put a stay on his decision, again blocking same-sex marriages in California so that the Prop 8 supporters could have another chance. Tyrannical!

Judge Walker, having heard from all sides — including the Republican governor and Democratic attorney general of California, ended the stay. But he then put a hold on that decision for a further week so that the opposition can be heard from yet again, once more keeping same-sex marriages from happening. Judicial activism!

Yes, this Judge is just another total left wing hippie, trampling all over the will of the people to force the homosexual agenda onto the moral, Christian people of California.

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