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Tweet Off, you hoser

I have begun to scrub the years worth of retweets that have comprised my site lately. It is so, so, so easy to click a little icon and publish someone else’s screed with no further effort, but it does result in a  [more...]

This just in from the studio

For those of you so inclined, there’s a new podcast available today. Scary stuff: California real estate, grim grinning ghosts, and a little sympathy for the devil.

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For methane, press 1

I was just wondering: the Europeans are known for taking leisure more seriously than the Americans, so what would happen if the Huygens probe phoned home only to find that they were all on holiday? Listen to  [more...]

Just As I Said: Musings on Audblog

My first audio entry, in response to the burgeoning Audblog phenomenon. (Transcript in the extended entry.) TRANSCRIPT: Never let it be said that I didn’t jump on whatever bandwagon rumbled by. Welcome to the  [more...]