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“We imagine the Doctor was in distress because he’d heard this record”

imageFor some unknown reason, I’ve been looking for an audio file of a 20-year-old record for a while. The record is “Doctor in Distress,” a charity single that was produced back in 1985 when the series “Doctor Who” was taken off the air for 18 months in the UK. I remembered the song from back then when I was in the whole Dr. Who fandom culture.
Finally, today I found an MP3 version, evidently the only one extant. It’s not nearly as good as I remembered it — in fact, it’s cringe-inducing. What’s most astonishing about it is that Basia sings on it! The name of the “group” says it all: Who Cares?
Read more about “Doctor in Distress” and listen to the madness.

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