RT @USGS_Oklahoma: Animation of equakes in Okla. & parts of adjoining states, 2004-16. Size of dots and volumes are proportional to eq… https://t.co/3oEDF7Rm3d

RT @JoyAnnReid: Organized theft by police, who then split the profits with the feds, is back, thanks to Jeff Sessions. https://t.co/yhLrnXaaaX

RT @JamesFallows: Through campaign, our greatest paper, NYT, often presented HRC email/ethical problems as on a par w Trump’s (top)… https://t.co/D9F0SdArSa

RT @mattyglesias: The commander-in-chief ordered naval personnel to call congress and lobby for taking 22 million people’s health ins… https://t.co/xcTtzdYqrO

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RT @NormOrnstein: He is a phenomenal athlete. Have you ever seen a president so buff? No body fat at all. Attended to by spuer sports… https://t.co/xMTUBIPM8M