SFGate.com: North Korea fuels rocket to launch satellite

Posted an hour ago, Friday morning: evidently, North Korea is fueling up a rocket to launch. Way to keep up with the news, SFGate.

Way to keep up, Autodesk

I downloaded the Autodesk Maya 3D software package today, directly from Autodesk, and was dismayed to see this error when trying to install.

For those of you not in the know: the software goes so far as to have “2012” in the name, but it requires Mac OS X 10.4 (discontinued in 2007) or 10.5 (discontinued in 2009).

I can probably be detained just for writing this about the 2012 Olympics

I think it may be time to once and for all put the Olympics out of its misery. Read on to learn how London is designing a police state that North Korea would be jealous of.

What’s in a new name?

Pundits and bloggers everywhere are scratching their heads in regard to the name of the new iPad: iPad. Here’s why they’re wrong, as usual.

Honeywell goes after Nest Learning Thermostat for patent infringement

Honeywell International filed a patent infringement suit against Nest Labs this morning, claiming Nest’s new Learning Thermostat infringes several Honeywell patents.

CNN Feline News

  1. This is from the home page of a major news network.
  2. If journalists really needed a poll to gauge public opinion, they wouldn’t use something as unscientific as a website vote widget.
  3. Is this a joke?

The problem with Netflix

Uncertainty. Perhaps this is the fault of the media companies, but the consumer’s wrath falls on the messenger when one opens a Netflix queue to find this message:

Cosmos: The Complete Collection has been removed from your Queue. We no longer offer this movie for rental. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you find many other movies to enjoy at Netflix.

Announcing an Announcement

Apple famously pulled out of trade shows a few years back, and like most Apple decisions, time has shown that they were right on target.

The Greatest Mystery of Them All

Agatha Christie’s elderly detective Miss Marple is getting the big-screen treatment from Disney. After months of negotiations, the studio has closed a deal to capture the movie rights to the character, who first appeared in 1927.