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TiVo at the Genius Bar?

Pundits have been saying that Apple and TiVo would be a great match…
Hey! You got your TiVo in my Apple! Yes, TiVos will soon be for sale at select Apple stores. From MacMinute:

TiVo CEO Michael Ramsay said Thursday in the company’s first quarter financial conference call that select Apple Stores will soon be carrying TiVo Digital Video Recorders (DVR). After mentioning that TiVo’s new Home Media Option runs on the Mac, Ramsay said, “In fact our growing relationship with Apple has been a really good thing for our company and we’re now moving into distribution, with TiVo’s being available at selected Apple retail stores.” Last month, the company released the Home Media software for Mac OS X that lets you automatically stream music and photos from your Mac to your TiVo Series2 DVR for listening/viewing on your TV.

That’s just gonna make me want one more.

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