Just As I Thought

I, alone, bemoan my outcast state

So, I’m watching yet another gay-themed romantic movie courtesy of TiVo – this time, “All Over The Guy“. Dreamy.
And I ask myself over and over as I watch movies like this, why aren’t I thin, gorgeous, with pecs to die for, with a gorgeous butt, a fantastic wit, and a wacky fag hag girlfriend who sets me up with other gorgeous guys?
You know, it’s funny how tailored entertainment is to it’s audience. These films consist solely of gorgeous eye candy, exactly what I want to look at. And this explains why, on TV, there are a slew of sitcoms for guys starring huge fat schlubs with poor jobs, who nonetheless live in fantastic craftsman-style bungalows with their young, thin, supermodel wives.
Now what I need is a role-model type show that features an analog to me. The star would be a somewhat funny, mostly geeky, poorly dressed, less-than-perfect body guy. And the co-star would be this ripped muscular stud with gorgeous dark eyes who chases him and forces him to fall in love and live happily ever after.
I wish TiVo could find that for me.


  • I’ll be your fag-hag! Oh, right, I already am! In fact, I tried to set you up two weeks ago with my best friend in Dallas…you guys would like each other soooo much…however, I think you both are looking for JFK, Jr. I tried!

  • Yay! My fag hag Sara! OK, we need to get together and have coffee in eclectic little cafes and scope out the waiters. We’ll be a regular Will and Grace. smile
    Although… JFK, Jr.? Hmm. I dunno. I don’t think he would have been geeky enough for me. Maybe George Stephanopoulos? ::grin::

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