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Next step for Reagan: canonization

If there’s anything the Republicans worship more than corporate money, it’s Ronald Reagan.
I simply can’t get my mind around their incredible worship of the man. It’s not merely enough to have every building in America named for him, but now they have bullied CBS into actually pulling their miniseries about him mere days before it was due to air.
By the way – they never saw the miniseries. They just know that it would be unflattering.
Just when I think my analogies of the current state of our country are drifting too far into the realm of the old Soviet Union, they go and do something else that even I couldn’t imagine. Well, soon we’ll see carefully airbrushed photos that revise history. If we haven’t seen them already, of course.

Barraged by accusations from conservatives that it was distorting the legacy of a president, CBS announced Tuesday it was pulling “The Reagans” miniseries off the air.

The network said it was licensing the completed film to Showtime, a pay cable network that, like CBS, is owned by Viacom.

CBS insisted it was not bowing to pressure about portions of the script, but that the decision was made after seeing the finished film.

“Although the miniseries features impressive production values and acting performances, and although the producers have sources to verify each scene in the script, we believe it does not present a balanced portrayal of the Reagans for CBS and its audience,” the network said in a statement. [AP via Washington Post]

Dontcha love that they say they’re not bowing to pressure? Heck no. They’re being trampled by it.

What does it say about the state of the media that CBS pulls an entertainment program for not being “balanced,” while the news divisions of the major media companies don’t even know the meaning of the word?


  • I hear you brother! You’d think he didn’t almost put the country into receivership! Oh, and it will always be “National Airport” to me!

  • Normaly I keep my conservatism to itself, especialy out on this page (out of respect for forum) but maybe that’s not the intent of the blog itself.
    That being said, I often wonder why liberals constantly compain that Regan was overrated and has to much stuff named after him. I suppose to escape all of that I should go to JFK Airport, hop a flight to visit Kennedy Space Center, while thinking about tommorow’s game at JFK stadium, catching a documentary on how they built USS J.F. Kennedy and preparing to accept my award for the Kennedy Center Honors while reading such uber-liberal historians (such as Howard Zinn) still confess that he was the second worst president of the 20th century (2nd to Carter by the way).
    After I do all that I will then go to sleep, free of the fear of war with the Soviet Union that I held in check for so many years as kid.

  • so since we’re on the subject of ronald reagan, regardless of any other president, he sucked. i’m only 21, but even i remember the iran-contra stuff. “mistakes were made”?!?! what is that supposed to mean?? reaganomics?? oh, hell yeah, break me off a piece of recession pie.

    i just don’t understand the whole reagan thing. i never will. i mean, at least st benedict lived in a cave without clothes and stuff. (i’m not catholic, i just read too much) so yeah. i just don’t get the deification of this guy. he was a cheeseball.

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