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Some people are just sweet

I’m thrilled with what’s happening in San Francisco — so much happiness taking place is refreshing and hopeful. I’m also amazed at the lack of screaming from the right… for now.
But what I like best is the way straight people are embracing what’s happening. I’m reading so many letters to the editor, blogs, and articles that show a large number of people who realize that love will always win.
Then there was this wonderful gesture:

Today a coworker of mine had a thought to send flowers to a random couple waiting in line at SF city hall.

He called a florist and they agreed to do it. He told them to deliver to any couple — it didn’t matter who — standing in line to get married, with his blessing. The card will read simply “With love, from Minneapolis, Minnesota.”

Once they understood, they were very touched and thought it was a great idea.

He told another co-worker who did the same thing. And now we want to start a movement. Wouldn’t that be cool if people from all over the country, gay, straight and otherwise, started sending flowers to the people waiting in line to get married.

Call it The Big Gay Bouquet call it Flowers from the Heartland. Call it whatever you want, but help us get this off the ground.

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