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N.Y.C… what is it about you?

The lovely and talented Mac brings this tidbit to our attention: the GOP is very carefully censoring New York City for their convention delegates, who obviously are uncomfortable dealing with reality…

Delegates to this summer’s GOP convention in New York won’t be seeing any of this year’s biggest Tony Award winners when the party gets conventioneers out to see Broadway.

Convention organizers are setting up “nights out” for the delegates and their spouses, but when it came time to order tickets, the GOP decided the crop of Broadway’s best was too queer.

Of course, if they’re all so concerned about protecting their delicate Republican flowers from the harsh realities of homosexuality, curse words, and general smut, you’d think the RNC would have had the convention someplace a little less…interesting and fun. Maybe Rocking Chair, Idaho would have been a better choice. Granted, I realize the RNC is having the convention in NYC to better take advantage of September 11th — but if they’re going to so much trouble to pretend ‘conservative values’ are a Manhattan buzzphrase, well, perhaps a different location would have made sense.

I think it would be especially entertaining to clandestinely tail a few delegates. Without a doubt, many of them will be soliciting prostitutes and hitting strip joints and making drug buys…and maybe even, on the sly, heading out to see The Boy from Oz.

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