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What’s in his name?

Yup – you knew it was coming. Well, it’s been a non-stop exercise for years, this naming of things for Ronald Reagan. I can’t for the life of me figure out why these people think he was some kind of god, but hey, I can’t figure those people out period.
Anyway, here’s the latest:

Ronald Reagan’s name already is on a Washington airport and massive federal trade building, as well as an aircraft carrier and a Los Angeles freeway.

Now Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) is championing the idea of renaming the Pentagon. Under the legislation Frist has suggested, the Pentagon henceforth would be known as the Ronald Reagan National Defense Building.

Others have proposed that a monument to the former president be built on the Mall, although Reagan himself signed a law saying that no monument could be erected there to anyone until at least 25 years after that person’s death.

Cripes, there would be three Reagan buildings within 5 miles.
Does anyone else see the ironies in the renaming fever — Ronald Reagan was a devout “smaller government” Republican. But so far they’ve named the biggest government building in Washington after him; renamed an airport over the objections of the local jurisdiction, the local board, the airport authority (a case of federal overstepping that Reagan himself would have despised); and now they want to name the largest government building in the world after him?
He fought to reduce the size of government, but all his memorials are testaments to the pervasive power of big government. And a bunch of small men.

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