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Don’t Panic, it’s coming

Finally, the “Tertiary Phase” of the Hitchhiker’s Guide radio series is set to air this September on BBC Radio 4. (You can listen to Radio 4 online.)
The new radio show was recorded last year, and then mysteriously disappeared from the BBC’s schedule. Rumor has flown to and fro, as if powered by an Infinite Improbability Drive.
There are also plans to record radio series of the final 2 books of the 5-part trilogy, to air next year.
Wow — new Hitchhikers, new Dr. Who… it’s a glorious new high school experience all over again.

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  • Burned forever in my memory is a scene from the wonderfully cheesy Brit TV version of Hitchhiker after they have all donned their ‘peril-sensitive sunglasses’ and they are sneaking around somewhere and suddenly something happens (ok, the other details are hazy now) and as the episode ends we have a shot of the group looking on open-mouthed at _something_, right before all their sunglasses go black.

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