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Resistance is futile

Let’s talk a bit about the whole Jack Ryan thing. Now, I’m not one to knock a sex scandal involving a Republican, as they’re generally a little too “do as I say, not as I do” for my taste.
But this week’s nonsense was pretty ridiculous. Somehow, a Senate candidate was brought down for — horror of horrors — a sex scandal that involved his wife and not having sex. He was vilified for simply proposing a kinky activity. They didn’t do it; he didn’t have an affair; no one else was involved.
Please, have you seen Jeri Ryan? Who wouldn’t have thought things like that? I’m gay and I’d think about wild sex clubs with her.
Where’s the scandal? Well, it’s obvious. Since the dawn of the Bush Era, we have slid down into a dark pit of dubious morality, a Talibanesque world where you must conform to a fundamentalist methodology, where thoughtcrime is a reality.

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  • I’m sorry, but are you saying the Republicans are resisting a sex scandall due to Bush? I’d think it’s safer to say they just don’t want to have thier own Clinton (or Hart, or Kennedy, or Kennedy, or yet another Kennedy….)
    C’mon now, the right doesn’t make sex scandals, they just expose them.

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