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Love my toys

For no really good reason, I bought a wireless webcam last night. After struggling for more than an hour to decipher the manual and set it up (how do you Windows people ever manage? I’m so used to plugging something in to my Mac and having it just work without configuring it), I managed to juryrig something. It’s not specifically Mac-compatible, but with the help of some Mac software that can access it’s video stream, I’ve now got a wireless cam in the house. No pretty graphics and captions on the picture, but hey, it’s not an iSight, you know?
So, over there in the “On Location” spot is the new camera. Today I left it in the kitchen, staring silently at the refrigerator. Just so I can see if someone breaks into my house and puts some groceries in the thing to surprise me.
Any requests for where I should put it next? Don’t be gross. I don’t walk around my house naked or anything.


  • Hmm. Since everyone speeds down my street (except me, of course) it would be overwhelming… and since they’re going so fast, I’d never get a close look!

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