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DC Shorts

I love it when a plan comes together.
My faithful readers might be aware that I sometimes dabble in the world of independent film. Well, one of my projects lately has been helping produce a short film festival here in DC, appropriately entitled “DC Shorts.”
Well, time is drawing near, and we’re in the final, feverish preparations for the fest, getting things revved up! I finished up the festival website on Friday, which you can view at www.dcshorts.com. You’ll find all the info about the fest, as well as tickets. You’re all invited! I’ve seen all the films — we got about 70 entries — and we’ve picked the best 36. There are some really great shorts in there. I already know my favorite, but I’m keeping that to myself. After all, there are awards to be won!

Meanwhile, my other project on Friday was the creation of the official filmmaker badges for the festival. Here’s the prototype. Man, I love laminating things!

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