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I’m watching this show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” right now — I saw it last week and enjoyed it, mostly because I love watching people be surprised by incredible gifts. Anyway, the one I’m watching now involves having another floor added on to a house. Here’s my question: how in the world did they do this and still have it be a surprise? They’re doing so much work, from plumbing to demolition to adding floors, don’t they need a lot of permits? How did they do the plans? Did they visit the house several times before hand?


  • They did a ‘Trading Spaces’ behind the scenes show that was very interesting in what it ‘revealed.’ Staff people make advance visits to scout out the place, take pictures for the designers, find the nearest Home Depot, and do other setup work. There are lots of preparations, and there are additional workers who help with the labor, etc.

  • They did the same kinda behind the scenes thing when the ‘Queer Eye’ fellas where on Oparh. Those fabulas makeovers actually take like three day.
    As a side note I just refrenced Oparh, Queer Eye and used the word ‘fabulas.’ The fact that I’m NOT gay never fails to astound me.

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