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This one’s on me

This morning, while waiting in the basement for the elevator, I came up with an idea. I’m not gonna patent it, I’ll just put it out there for the whole world and let someone make a million off of it.
While standing there, I could hear every monotonous, irritating beep the elevator made in it’s downward journey. BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. The same beep, over and over and over.
Why not make the beeps different for every floor? beep Beep BEEP? They could get higher in pitch as the elevator rises. This could make it somewhat easier for blind people, couldn’t it? And when I was standing in the basement hearing the beeps echo down the shaft, I could tell how far away the car was.
Or, the beeps could be different musical notes, so that a little melody would play as the elevator made it’s way down.
I’ll bet the Japanese would eat this idea up, don’t you?

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  • I think the beeps ought to be screams. Like really high pitched, urged, shrill screams of terror….just for the fun of it.

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