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I guess they were AOL inches

Boy, what a bust this snow has become. A few hours ago, the weathermen were calling for 10 inches; the reporters were all out in the field waiting for huge traffic accidents, and Metro was talking about closing above-ground stations.
Here it is, 1pm, and there isn’t even an inch on the ground. Yeah, it’s falling steadily, and it’s kind of pretty, but nothing much is sticking even though it’s below freezing. The roads are completely clear, and I feel rather sheepish about having stayed home.
Another annoyance: because the company that picks up our trash is also the company that clears the snow, all our Monday morning trash is still sitting outside waiting to be picked up. And predictably, some of the bags have been kicked around and split open. It looks like I’m living in a trailer park.

Update, 3pm: it’s still snowing like crazy out there, steady and heavy… but inexplicably, at least by a layman like me, it’s not really accumulating. It’s 34 degrees, the ground and roads have obviously retained heat from sunny days, and the grass is just whitening. By all rights, if it had been sticking, we’d have had at least 6 inches by now.
Meanwhile, in another example of over-estimation, the National Park Service camera over by the river claims that the current visual range is 79 miles… despite all evidence to the contrary.



  • Superman works part time at the National Park Service and when they asked him for Visibility Range he forgot he was using X-Ray vision and said 79 miles. The other guy that works there looked out the window too but decided it was better to list it as 79 miles rather than call Superman a liar.

    Ya don’t want to piss off Ol’Sup…He’s a mean drunk.

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