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The finish line

Well, there are always a few more things to do — finish cleaning the kitchen floor, vacuum — but 99% of my renovations are finished. As I stand in my pristine, clean, and bright house I realize that it probably didn’t look this good when it was brand new. And in three weeks, I’ll be leaving it. Hopefully with an obscene amount of cash. I’m pretty freakishly proud of myself, especially since I did much of it alone (kudos to my dad for the tile foyer, though).
So, after the horrible and emotional day I’ve had, I hope you’ll indulge me in a little self-congratulation. Here’s what my house looks like as of tonight.






  • You have a beautiful home and it looks wonderful. I would have liked to have seen before and after pictures but like you stated about your office, my office is also 2ft deep in paperwork and junk. And I won’t photograph it. (Dammit, I know where everything is)

    Most people thing buying a home is a logical decision and it can be true, but the reality is 90% of the time its an emotional decision. When the buyers walk in does it “feel like home” Buy some cookie dough and bake cookies, fill the house with the scent of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. But some frozen bread dough and bake fresh bread.
    These smells are much better than fresh paint or carpet shampoo.

    Just my .02, I would pass on the formal set up on the dining room table because most people don’t leave their table set up. Instead I would have a big platter of fresh baked cookies mixed with bakery bought cookies and a place card that says.

    Thanks for stopping by, Help yourself.

    Men will ask about the plumbing and electrical, parking and utility costs.

    Women will want to know they can put together a meal in the kitchen. The name of the school their kids will be attending and where the bus stop is located. How far away is the grocery store? A gas station? Department store? Is there a city bus stop near by?

    Sorry to run on, I spent several successful years working for Century 21 but found that like restaurant management it was an 80+ hour a week job so I quit. My only hope is whatever tiny bit of real estate knowledge I have left, may help you in some way

    Again your house looks great! And you deserve every penny you get.

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