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Happy Anniversary!

Hey! It’s the one year anniversary of Massachusett’s experiment in equality, the first state to allow same-sex marriages. Here’s a big hug and kiss to all those happy couples… and to all those straight couples who have somehow, against all odds, managed to keep their marriages intact and meaningful in the midst of such a threat.


  • Yes… but look how society has crumbled. Things would be better if we were run by those Godless commies.
    Gay marriage- will someone PLEASE think of the children?
    (note: hopefully, someone will create a ‘sarcasm’ font, as in the above I could really use it).
    One more thing- ironicly, my “secret submit” word for this entry is ‘straight.’

  • personally I can’t wait until the pendulum in our country starts swinging the other way. Despite the wonderful strides that have been made, legally, for gays and lesbians, our current government in Washington scares me to death. Plus I live in Texas, which has a right-wing, good-ol’boy, bible-thumping, jack-booted mentality for the most part. It doesn’t help to have the chief Nazi, Tom DeLay, in our realm either. I have seen our society turn into one of complete fear and rigidness in less than 20 years. Something has to give. And yes, congrats to all gays who live in Massachusetts and got married there.

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