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Facts about my neighborhood, #10

Well, I started this, well, I hesitate to call it a meme, back in December. Since then, my neighborhood has changed significantly, to say the least. So, let’s see how many facts I can muster.

All the streets here have reflectors embedded in the asphalt, and it gets particularly annoying when you switch lanes at speed. So I’ve got a new habit, a kind of game — I try to change lanes in such a way that my tires will pass between the bumps instead of thudding over them. It amuses me and keeps me entertained.

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  • Oh, I used to love doing that. When I was applying to colleges, my dad and I drove out to St. Louis to visit Washington University, and we took my grandparents along with us. I was sharing the driving with my dad, and when I had the wheel I would play that game with trying to avoid the reflectors until he finally got really pissed off at me and told me to stop.

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