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All (green) thumbs

Work began today to replace all the plants removed for the fumigation last week. Well, Jann did the work, I did the buying and the worrying.
Two full carts of plants still don’t fill up the planting areas; I’m assured that the plants will fill out the space as they grow.
The coolest thing: I bought myself an orange tree! It already has a dozen or so oranges growing on it, come spring I will have my very own orange crop — how Californian! My neighbor next door has limes, and my neighbor across the street has lemons, so we have our own little citrus cooperative.
I’ll take some pictures tomorrow (it’s too dark now) of my new landscaping.
Now, if only I could find nice patio furniture in late November…

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  • I can still smell the lemons on Lito’s tree. You should try a lemon tree as well, the sourness will go well- what with you being so sweet an’ all.

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