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It froze over

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss snow.
Oh, not the actual snow itself, and certainly not the way people behave when it snows — especially on the roads — but rather, the anticipation and the guessing game that starts the instant snow is predicted.
Back home, the game has begun. Forecasters say the snow will begin in the early morning hours tomorrow. If I were there, I’d probably find myself waking up around 4am and looking at the window waiting for the flakes to fall; wondering how many inches there would be and whether it would stick.
The most excitement, weather-wise, in San Jose has been the storm that blew through last week, dumping rain everywhere. Certainly not worth waking up in anticipation of.


  • We had a light dusting here in Seattle and the city was abuzz with anticipation. And frankly I just don’t get it. Maybe its because I’m from Alaska and you ARE getting snow every year and you’re getting lots of it. There’s no guess work involved.
    Come Oct if you don’t have your snowblower, shovel and gloves out and studded tires on your car you’re a fool.

    We did have one preview. When the mountians behind Anchorage get their first white snow cap which we call ‘Termination dust’ we know that snow on the ground is six weeks away. I lived there for almost 30 years and it was always a reliable forecaster.

  • Yeah, it’s actually a little annoying the way people go nuts when it snows, especially in a place that routinely gets snow every winter like Washington, DC. It almost seems like people have never seen such a thing before.

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