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I’ll have a grey Christmas

Is it the stress of moving across the country, away from my family and friends? The outlay of more than a half million dollars for a house? Or is it just that I’m 8 months away from 40?
Whatever the reason, I’m a bit disgruntled by the appearance of grey hairs everywhere. I was so cocky and sure of my perpetual youth, my full head of hair, the constant comments that I don’t look my age… and now, I’m giving serious thought to a little Grecian Formula.
I mean, I still don’t seem to be able to grow a decent beard, I’ve got the kind of growth pattern of a 13-year-old. Only difference is that patches of it now come in grey.
This is really disconcerting. I have serious trouble thinking of myself as 39, much less in my 40s. Maybe this is the thing they call “mid-life crisis.”


  • Well at least you got 39 gray free years! I already had gray hair showing in my high school yearbook picture. (as did my mother)

    If you can avoid the grecian formula or the box dyes at the store. Go to a salon and have it professionally colored one shade lighter than your natural color. It will look natural and the roots and gray hair will blend in when they do come back.

    I dyed for years but when I hit 50 I said its now ok to turn gray and I allow it to come in except my beard which I still dye because it’s not gray its not… Its white, snow white! And I end up looking more like Santa than I’m comfortable with.

  • Don’t worry. Mid life crisis doesn’t start on your 40th birthday. It takes about a month before that sets in!


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