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So that’s where my money went

It’s the end of the year, and all those lists are starting to crop up — you know, the ones that count down the best of the year.
I started to read one about the top 50 gadgets of the last 50 years, and counting up which ones I actually owned. It’s shocking:

  • Sony Walkman
  • Apple iPod
  • TiVo
  • Palm PDA
  • Motorola RAZR
  • TI Speak & Spell
  • Nintendo Game Boy
  • Apple Newton Messagepad
  • Roomba
  • Iomega Zip Drive

I wonder how much money I have spent buying gadgets and gizmos over my lifetime — probably more than the gross national product of some small nations.
Perhaps not by coincidence, I’ve just started reading Affluenza, targeting the American propensity for conspicuous consumption.


  • Eek, everything on your list but the Speak & Spell, the Game Boy and the Palm (I had a Handspring for awhile). And I am thinking of getting a RAZR.

  • As much as I like the cutting edge there’s very little here I bought wen new.
    1. Sony Walkman TPS-L2
    10. Regency TR-1
    17. Texas Instruments SR-10
    36. Iomega Zip Drive

    That’s about it, and I only had #17 because I was a Real Estate agent and needed to do compound interest.

    Of more surprise to me I had every camera on the list.
    8. Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera
    23. Kodak Instamatic 100
    43. Polaroid Swinger
    And I remember using them… A lot. The SX-70 was a favorite of mine.

    This for me is just a reminder that I have always had a camera in my hands and my current love of photography is deeply rooted in my being.

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