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So. The Will & Grace finale.
Well, I could write a long review of it, but in the end I have but two comments that say it all.
First off, the series itself, while funny most of the time, was just a sitcom. It was only rarely ground-breaking and spent much of its time reinforcing stereotypes like any sitcom. Thus, the finale was much the same as any for that genre: a poignant moment or two, however forced, along with plenty of sitcomy laughs.
Second, if you have the nagging feeling that you’ve seen the couple-breaks-up, couple-ages, friends-conspire-to-get-them-back-together, everyone-lives-happily-ever-after-with-kids show before, I refer the reader back to the finale of “Mad About You.”

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  • I think the lack of any brew-ha over the show might just be an indication of how far we might have come in being a little more tolerable to alternative lifestyles… I just hope one day we’ll get to the point where we don’t even have to say ‘alternative’ and just call it a life.

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