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The Big One (Seven)

In just a few days, the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake rolls around. It’s no secret that I am somewhat paranoid about having a big earthquake, knowing that if my house is damaged or destroyed it will be a financial ruin as well since I can’t afford to repair or replace it.
If only there were some way to predict earthquakes… but hey, what’s this? A pattern has emerged — and where there is a pattern, there is a prediction possibility.
Let’s take a look at five of the biggest earthquakes in the last 30 years:

16 Sep 1978

Bay Area
17 Oct 1989

Los Angeles
17 Jan 1994

17 Jan 1995

17 Aug 1999

Even farther back, there’s the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which hit on April 18.

If I were you, I’d batten down the hatches around the middle of the month. It’s like Earth’s PMS period.

[Update, October 15: I’d just like to point out that there was a 3.1 earthquake just 15 minutes ago a bit south of here near Santa Cruz. I’m just saying. Middle of the month.] [Update, October 15: And now, a much bigger 6.3 hit Hawaii. Now, I ask you: did I predict this?] [Update, October 15: Interestingly, the USGS has deleted the quake near Santa Cruz, saying “the earthquake occurred outside of northern and central California and our location and magnitude are unreliable.” So, I guess that it officially didn’t happen.]

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