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What is the statute of limitations on September 11?

Granted, I am back in DC right now, where the events of September 11 were felt directly; but the television news here is providing “continuing coverage” of an event that happened six years ago. During the commercial, a political action ad was aired claiming “surrender is not an option” and repeating the myth of Iraqi involvement in September 11. And of course, the White House still makes connections between Iraq and that day, which has been discredited over and over through the years but still serves as a propaganda tool.
Six years is a long time, and I feel that without the continued milking of the events of September 11 for political gain, we’d have collectively moved on by now.
Then again, the media also had a field day over the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. Someday in the future there will be no room for new things to happen because everyone will be too busy observing, every day, the anniversary of some tragedy, abetted by media types telling us about “raw emotion.”

Six years. Has anything been accomplished? Are we any safer? Or have the actions of this administration made the world a more dangerous place? The most we have to show for all this is a set of ridiculous rules about taking our shoes off and not allowing liquids on a plane. Well done.

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