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I can (virtually) see my house from here

There was no good reason for doing this, although I might use it in some future update of g-world. It did eat up a good chunk of time, which was nice. It’s my house, modeled in 3D. Not quite finished, but that’ll wait until another day when I’m bored and need to waste time more productively than eating a pizza.




  • Very nice! Thanks

    It appears the one side wall of the garage is a wall in the patio area. I hadn’t thought of it before but seeing it from this angle gave me an idea.

    If you know anyone that’s an artist you have several options

    1. Paint a fence on the garage wall matching the fence on the other sides and above the fence paint the wall (and trim) sky blue. The effect will trick the eye and while you are in the backyard the garage will seem to ‘disappear’

    2. Have an artist paint foliage on the garage wall and the realistic painted plants behind and around the real plants will again fool the eye and make it appear to be larger more dense greenery around your patio area.

    Just a thought.

  • I can virtually see you in the window… put some pants on will ya!

  • Actually, the side of the garage is covered — was covered — by foliage. There is some kind of climbing thing covering the side, at least, until a week or so ago when I started to trim it back and accidentally pulled a big swath of it off, exposing a garage that desperately needs paint.
    I’m hoping it will grow back before I am forced to paint.

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