RT @brianklaas: The president’s chief adviser, a general, has allowed the president’s unqualified daughter (who lacks permanent security clearance) to brief a key ally on diplomatic decisions involving the risk of nuclear war. This snapshot belongs in an authoritarian banana republic. https://t.co/4MqT23aIfu

RT @ZcohenCNN: Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that Ivanka Trump briefed South Korean President Moon about the new NK sanctions. Asked if she had the appropriate security clearance, Mnuchin said, “She has the appropriate access to brief the president.”

RT @BruceBartlett: God help me. I’m now retweeting Bill Kristol not out of irony but because I actually agree with what he is saying.

RT @activist360: Now that the Schiff memo has been released, it verifies Carter Page and criminal con-man Trump were under FBI surveillance before anyone had ever heard of the Steele dossier and Russian hookers having pee-pee party on Trump. Also, Devin Nunes is a liar who should be prosecuted.

RT @JesseFFerguson: 🚨🚨🚨🚨 From MIT Technology Review – “US conservatives spread tweets by Russian trolls over 30 times more often than liberals” https://t.co/mE4lOO2123

RT @MattGertz: The president spent his afternoon and evening live-tweeting Fox programming on a delay of about an hour, then called in to one of the network’s shows. https://t.co/09VMqSOApd