RT @HillaryWasRight: FACT: Inspector General confirned Hillary had no say in uranium deals. More fake scandals by bankrupt Rethuglicans… https://t.co/XFeXUArvgG

RT @EmmaKennedy: So @realDonaldTrump moans about being held up to public scrutiny. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know what he signed up for.

RT @QueerPlatypus7: Honestly kid if you don’t want to participate in SF Folsom festival… get ready for this… don’t go! Whoa I know big… https://t.co/ph7yog100h

RT @renato_mariotti: They didn’t take the Fifth. They challenged the subpoena issued by Devin Nunes on his own. Also, the dossier has be… https://t.co/0Ja5kKrVpf

RT @KeeganNYC: My ethics professor has a saying: “Why are the rules like this? Because lawyers wrote the rules.” https://t.co/OrSqnTzTM7

RT @page88: Trump’s “base” is a specter of Mercer $, rubles, bots, trolls, greedy algos & FOX lies on which we project our ids. We shd cover it as such.