RT @LibyaLiberty: Trump doesn’t do well with public defeat. To soothe his damaged ego he’ll probably indefinitely ban in-flight movies from all Arab flights.

RT @NormanJamesCTV: Terrible failure that people will retain their healthcare. It really is insane. https://t.co/4o7wBpUGeI

RT @jonallendc: The president says his political success is dependent upon making the American people suffer. https://t.co/F5fZzUxQHm

RT @costareports: Trump told me he’s willing to cut a bipartisan deal in the future: “When it explodes they [Dems] come to us and we make one beautiful deal.”

RT @hodgman: “The democrats didn’t offer to shit all over Obama’s legacy and also destroy a bunch of lies for some reason. Selfi… https://t.co/5RuuUQIYsk

RT @JoyAnnReid: Way to allow Democrats to take credit for saving 24 million people’s healthcare, Mr. President. Does the @dccc know… https://t.co/QPJrOik0Wl

RT @costareports: Does Trump regret starting his agenda with health care? “No, I don’t,” he told me. “But in a way I’m glad I got it out of the way.”

RT @AP_Politics: BREAKING: President Trump says health care bill fell short in lead-up to House vote because of no support from Democrats.

RT @ananavarro: Stalled travel ban. Wire-tap lie revealed. Investigation on Russia ties. Health-care debacle. Trump must be getting really tired of winning.