RT @mathowie: the Instagram algorithm feed is still totally fakatka and makes me use it less. Just Give Me Photos In Reverse Order Dumbasses.

RT @ProudResister: Tensions are higher than ever in the wake of Charlottesville. Trump’s solution is war & Ryan’s is tax cuts for rich. STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN.

RT @KayHillYes: Who was the perfect candidate? Bernie? Didn’t she beat him by 4M votes? Stop blaming her she was a superb candidate… https://t.co/OHOcKOEW3h

@21royalstreet lol 😂

All these claims that Trump is mentally ill are giving him too much credit. He is just a greedy, obnoxious, dishonest, creepy asshole.

RT @rulajebreal: Disgusting. The inciter-In-Chief & his sick followers are using coded language (traitors & terrorists) that will ge… https://t.co/nPqBYVx0lp

@21royalstreet Begs the question: which came first, this or Mystic Manor (and Shanghai Pirates)?