RT @MarthaPlimpton: If you claim ownership of “The American Way” with a straight face while your boss plays golf w our money, ppl are g… https://t.co/4nO5PXFCkZ

RT @MarthaPlimpton: Telling ppl that access to health care/insurance is their “personal responsibility,” while they pay for yours? @MikePenceVP, that’s balls.

RT @banditelli: Here are ~300 front pages from today. Few mention health care.. Zero mention how the GOP will soon vote to end Med… https://t.co/q93qtHxym4

RT @danwlin: 2016: I can’t wait for this year to end. Next year can’t be worse. 2017: Remember to call your senators and ask them not to kill you

Incidents of police discharging firearms in England and Wales https://t.co/0sXzuhJs8r

Americans who in 2016 were “afraid” or “very afraid” of… and guess which one the Republicans are targeting? https://t.co/9pYEHck3pR