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Internal clock. Anxiety. Restlessness. Whatever.
I’ve been up since about 3am, anticipating a rush hour drive to San Francisco to catch my plane home. Anticipating a very long day in planes and airports, waiting in lines, sitting in seats — albeit first class ones. Due to the quirks of time zones, I won’t arrive in DC until 11pm Eastern, making an entire day wasted.
I’ve decided something momentus: for the first time in, oh, something like 8 years, I will travel without a laptop. I’m leaving the PowerBook at home, taking only my iPod for entertainment.
I’m sure that I’ll go insane being out of touch, so if you happen to be waiting for a response to an e-mail, just remember that my fingers are burning yearning for a keyboard.
This also means I won’t be updating the blog, although I’ve already stuck a couple pre-written things in — hopefully they’ll appear on the correct days automagically.
So, as we pause, let’s recap where we are in our saga: The Senate has moved to reauthorize the Patriot Act for 6 months — amusingly, the president who claimed that even a day without it would be disastrous refused to accept 6 months. Well, if he’d rather not have it at all than for 6 months, it must not be that important. There’s also the fight over ANWR drilling, again. I can’t understand why people like Ted Stevens are pushing it so hard — other than the obvious reason (profits for oil companies) — because any drilling there won’t put a dent in our oil consumption, and will take at least 7 years to begin.
Anyway. See you Monday!


  • That whole Alaska drilling thing is DISGUSTING, along with the tree chopping, along with Republican scandal after scandal, and I don’t think we need to talk about … Iraq … and all of those American young people, mostly boys, who’ve lost their lives or limbs over nothing. Then, there’s that whole “intelligent design” thing. I don’t mind people believing in something, just don’t shove it down my throat. If I were in high school, I’d walk out of class during “intelligent design” discussions, and I’d refuse to answer any questions on any exams or write any essays regarding intelligent design. Thank “God” at least one Federal District Court judge thinks it’s unconstitutional.

    The 00’s have turned out to be a really CRAPPY decade. The sad thing is it’s our generation that’s in charge. What’s wrong with my generation? How did the collective “we” turn out so badly, when we were born to parents who were so open to changes for the better?

    Happy new year!

  • I agree with Mr. Wexler on all counts. And, I’m part of that generation (60’s-70’s) who wanted changes for the better. My view has always been to the left and it hurts my heart to see our current generation, the one in charge, planning to destroy our environment, our political/social structure, our pocketbooks. Where are all the people I grew up with, who wanted to preserve Alaska (one of the final, pure frontiers; who strove for the Equal Rights Amendmen; who protested against stupid wars
    (uh……..Vietnam); who rallied for womens’ right to abortion; who tried to keep church and State separate?
    We are still around, in orgs like Move On and others, but most of us have allowed ourselves to be silenced by right-wing fear-mongering and our own greediness to have, have, have. I am ashamed to say I’m part of the have generation, probably ’cause we were not exactly rich growing up. I have a roof over my head and a computer and a coupla tv’s and health insurance and healthy kids. Lots of people in our own country don’t have that. Well, at least I didn’t get these things by screwing other people; I worked for them.
    I’m also disgusted by the current political and environmental climate. And don’t even get me started about intelligent design. One of the stupidest, senseless efforts to date by the religious right, this dangerous proposition must be stopped whenever it raises its holy (ha) head.
    I’m disappointed also in lots of my fellow liberals, who are so apathetic they won’t even vote. I vote in every election, even the local ones, and if more liberals dragged themselves to the polls and voted their consciences, the current administration wouldn’t be stomping all over the Constitution like they are right now.
    There. Merry Christmas to all. See you at the voting booth!

  • Uh…sorry. I saw a few typos in that last post. I blame the republicans. Hahaha!
    (Now that I’m typing again, may I say a word about Tom DeLay?
    Mr. DeLay, I hope you get what’s coming to you.
    Even though you and your lawyers are pulling out all the backdoor stops to get a speedy trial for your crimes, your bullying tactics and far right agenda-pushing are probably about to end. Maybe you still have your pest control business running so you can make a living. Then maybe you’ll be of some real use.
    (Everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows how much I can’t stand this guy).
    Also, one note on the Supreme Court while I’m on my rant: Alito is a dangerous man. PLEASE, don’t let this man become one of our Associate Supreme Court Judges. C’mon, Democrats and Libertarians- do your job and filibuster this guy right out of Washington.

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